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Individual Subscription

Individuals who are actively engaged in any segment of the paediatric or rare disease market, either as volunteers, medical professionals, patient group representatives, advocates or similar, are welcome to subscribe to our Networking Portal without any charge. The individual subscription option will not allow subscribers to register with a company/organisation name.

Non-for-Profit Subscription

This option is open to academic institutions and not-for-profit organisations that operate within or have an interest in the paediatric or rare disease market. This subscription option can be purchased with a single or multiple user licence for use by employees within the same organisation.

Corporate Subscription

Do you work in industry? Are you interested in deal-making, in optimising research, or in making contact with investors, patient groups and advocates? This is the membership designed for you. Corporate subscription allows you to register your company with a single or multiple user option.
The multiple user subscription allows you to register as many individual members as you wish from the same company. Each individual member of your multiple-user corporate subscription can create their own profile, specify their own geography, therapy area and interests as well as customise their search criteria.


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